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Feeling Lucky | blog

Do you ever feel lucky?
I don't mean winning a tenner on the lottery lucky but the type of lucky that makes you feel appreciative and humble?
I think I lead a relatively simple life. We have a modest home, hubby and I work hard (especially hubby), we have our gorgeous little boy, we have a wonderful network of family and friends around us and we have our health. What more in life do you need?
This sense of appreciation really hit me this morning when we were doing what we do every morning. I was snuggled up in bed with our wonderful little pickle who was holding my hand and babbling away to me, hubby came up with a coffee for me and gave us both a kiss and headed off to work. It was in that moment I realised how lucky I am. Snuggled in our bed with our little boy in our little house whilst the love of my life trundles off to work happily so I can stay home with our little man 2 days a week.
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We may not live in a huge house filled with all the best thing whilst we wear all the best clothes but we have a home full of happiness and love and that fills me with more joy than any money or stuff ever could. Sometimes though I think that we focus on what we lack in our lives rather than what we have. I know that sometimes I find myself thinking "I wish I could have those clothes" or "I wish we could book that holiday" but it's in the moments like this morning when those wishes are menial as all that really matters is the real stuff and the people you love. The rest is just a nice addition :)
So if your ever feeling a bit down and thinking about the things you don't have just stop for a moment and look around. Soak in even the littlest of things you have and feel lucky that you have them :)


Jungle Jam | review & giveaway

Bubba loves a book! Since he was a few months old we made sure that we read him a book each night before bed and now he is older it has become the part of the bedtime routine that I look forward to the most. Bubba snuggles down with his milk and we read whilst he points out the pictures and EVERY time we get to the end of the book he asks us 'again??'  :)  The only issue is because we read every night we tend to go through Bubbas books pretty quickly so when we were asked if we wanted to review a new book I jumped at the chance.


Keeping safe on the roads | Blog

Recently I was sent an infographic made by Car Insurance with Chill which included some pretty eye opening stats about Irelands most dangerous drives. A shocking 34% of Irish drivers have been in a road traffic accident in the last 5 years and Dublin has been voted the county with the most dangerous roads!?! Now you are probably sitting their asking why on earth I am talking to you about Irish roads and drivers when I am hours away in Essex? Well these stats got me thinking and made me do a little bit of research myself into what our roads are like. What I found was terrifying!

Did you know that a staggering 186189 people were injured in a road traffic accident in 2015 in the UK?? Out of that 22144 were serious injured and awfully 1730 people were killed. That's almost 5 people a day! 5 people whose families have had their lives turned upside down and who will never get to see their loved one again. It's a devastating figure.

So what can you do to avoid being a danger on the road? I wanted to share my 3 top tips to keep you and your family safe on the road this winter.

1. Check the basics.

When was the last time you checked your oil or your tyre tread? Do you check your oil once a month like recommended or are you like me and think that you will do it next time you remember? DON'T! I have just been to check mine now and at the same time checked all my lights, my tyres, water...the whole lot. These checks are recommended to keep your car safe and therefore keep you safe on the roads so don't put it off!

2. Turn of the phone.

How many times have you checked or been temped to check your phone whilst driving? The amount of people I see driving along with their phone wedged under their ear still shocks me but I think what is worse is when people are texting or checking social media or even catching pokemon!! Phones are such a distraction when driving so to keep you safe and 100% focused on the road turn off your phone.

3. Check your car seats.

This is one for all of you parents out there...make sure you check your child's car seat. Make sure it is installed properly and that it is the right fit for your car. More than that, it is so important that you check that your little one is strapped in correctly and isn't put into the car in huge winter coats as it can make the belt less effective.

So there are my top tips for staying safe on the road this winter. Now go and check your oil!!! :)

note: this is a collaborative post


I'm Alive!!! | Blog

Yes, I am still alive and no I didn't up sticks and move to Disneyland Paris (although how amazing would it be if I had?!??). Some of you (in reality probably no one) may have noticed that I have been missing on here for quite a while. Last you lovely lot knew I was off enjoying my holibobs and I was back at the end of September. So where have I been since then I hear no one you ask?? I have been stuck in a horrible, sick filled, stressful rut, that where!!