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Aquafresh Brushtime App | Review

I have always been really passionate about Bubba brushing his teeth. As soon as his first tooth popped through we went and brought him a little toothbrush and his own toothpaste so that we could help him to look after his precious teeth. Bubba now knows that we brush our teeth morning and night and even though he can't do it himself, he gives it his best shot and we then give them a good scrub once he's finished giving it a go. He even has 2 toothbrushes and he insists on using both of them whenever it's time to do our teeth :) But I do know that not all children are as willing as Bubba is when it comes to brushing their teeth.

In is some shocking information from the Oral Health Foundation about our children's teeth:
1. A third of all children starting school each year have signs of tooth decay.
2. Sugar makes up 15% of the daily calories consumed by 4 to 10 year olds.
3. 40% of children do not visit the dentist do not visit the dentist each year as recommended.
These facts horrify me and that is why I am so determined to help Bubba understand the importance of good dental care. That includes the correct way to brush and how long to brush for.

Aquafresh obviously share my mind set in the importance of teaching our children and to help us parents and the little ones along they have created the Aquafresh Brushtime App and we were lucky enough to give it a try to see what we thought of it. This app aims to help parents avoid those brushtime battles and makes brushing fun and entertaining whilst teaching the little ones the right way to brush and how long to brush for. Your little one can pick what character they want to brush along with, pick the background (the beach, a mouth etc) and even get to pick the music and what type of dancing the character does (the goofy dancing had me and hubby in stiches mainly because hubby thought the app had stolen his moves!!). The app then has a timer of 2 mins and counts down so your child can see how long they need to carry on brushing for. For me, the best part of this app has to be the way that it shows your child where they should be brushing and for how long. It basically gives them instructions as they go and I even learnt about how I should be brushing bubbas teeth.
I love this app! If I am being honest, it's a little bit too old for Bubba but I found it educational and he thought it was hilarious watching me and hubby dance along to the music. I think it's clever, fun, informative and exciting for kids and should hopefully offer a bit of support to those mummies and daddies that dread brushtime each morning and night.

To get yourself this app then click here!


Things I am loving right now... | Blog

I was considering making a favourites type vlog on my YouTube channel but videos are seriously hard work what with the editing and uploading so I thought I would do a post just talking about the things that I am loving right now. I'm not going to commit to doing these posts one a month or anything like that (as we all know how good I am at Friday??where did that go??) but will just post when I feel like it about stuff that I am loving right now :) It will be a mix of things so not all baby/Mumm related so lets get on with what I am loving at the moment :)

1. Orange Is The New Black
I am OBBSESSED with this at the moment. As I am writing this Hubby is working late, Bubba is in bed and I have watched 2 episodes of this additive programme already! If you have been under a rock for the past few years then let me fill you in on what this is all about. OITNB (as it is shortened down into) is a Netflix original programme all about life in a womens prison and I'm not going to say much more than that as I don't want to give anything away. It's funny, humbling and heart felt with a bit of sex and violence thrown in for good measure. If you haven't seen it yet then give it a won't be disappointed.

2. Haviana Flip Flops
I got my first pair of these bad boys about 4 years ago when we went to Kenya and I have never looked back. These are pretty much all I wear in summer as not only are they so freeking comfortable, they also go with everything. Some people may think they are a bit plain looking nut that is actually what I love about them. Don't get my wrong...I wouldn't wear them out for dinner or to a fancy doo but for day to day wear they are perfect and brilliant value for money.

3. New furniture
This may sound like a strange one but a few weeks ago we brought some new furniture and I love what it has done it our living room. We brought a beautiful new corner sofa from Next (who's service was AMAZING by the way) and a storage unit from IKEA for all Bubbas toys and our toot and they have book really brought the room together. It's only taken 2 years but I am finally happy with our living room.

                                                                4. The seaside
Summer has started (apparently!) and we have had a couple of really lovely day recently. We are lucky enough to live about 15 minites away from Southend on Sea and Bubba loves nothing more than going down to the sea front and throwing peddles into the sea or playing in the water fountains. It's an inexpensive, fun and a lovely way to spend some quality time with my little boy.

So that is what I have been loving. I'm pretty sure I could think of more if I wanted to but I am getting to a good bit of OITNB and need to give it my full attention :)
I'd love to know what you have been loving recently. Let me know in the comments below :)


Supporting Barnardo's Big Toddle with Mamia | Review

You will all know by now that I love Aldi Mamia and this year Mamia are sponsoring the UK's biggest and best charity event for under 5's...The Barnardo's Big Toddle. This event is all about children helping children by taking part in short sponsored walks. Thousands of nurseries, playgroups, childminders and parents organise Big Toddles to help raise money for Barnardo's vital services. This event has been going since 1997 and has already raised a staggering £14 million pounds!!!!!!! You can organise a big toddle yourself or you can register to join one of the Barnardo organised ones. Find all the information about that by clicking here!
As I said, Mamia is sponsoring this fantastic event and they sent us the perfect hamper full of the essential things you need for you little fundraiser!

Mamia Nappies - This is obvious really but what is super great about these nappies is how absorbent they are which means that your toddler won't need to be changed half way through their big toddle. They will stay dry and comfy for hours.
Mamia wipes - We do not leave the house without some wipes my toddler seem to get dirty no matter what we are doing so these would be great for an grass or mud that your little one picks up during their walk.
Mamia Juice - We gotta keep our little champions hydrated and with these handy bottles it means even once the juice cup is empty you will still be able to fill them up.
Mamia food pouches and fruit pots - Toddlers have tiny little legs compared to ours and if your toddlers anything like mine they tend to run every where rather than walk so thy use so much energy! Keep hungry at bay with these scrummy, easy to feed treats.
Mamia bubble bath and shampoo - After all that walking that your little one will be doing, there is nothing better than a nice bubbly bath at the end of the day to wash the day away. This shampoo and bubble bath smell amazing and the bubbles last for ages so your little one can splash for as long as you let them :)

I know I have said it before but I will say it again...I really do rate the Aldi Mamia range and love what they have sent us. If any of your little ones are doing a toddle then a huge good luck to them and I would love to know how they can on :)
To register to take part in Barnardos Big Toddle then click here:

note: this hamper was sent to us for the purpose of this post but all reviews are honest and my own.

The Best Bedtime Story! | Review

Before Bubba was born, Hubby and I both spoke about how much we hoped Bubba would enjoy books. We agreed that even when he was a little baby we would read him books and then as he got older incorporate them into his bedtime routine. Even before he was born, we had purchased a few books that Hubby would read to my bump so that he felt a bit connected (as chatting to my bump abut his day just wasn't his thing) and one of the books we purchased was called 'The Little Boy Who Lost His Name'. This is a personalised book that tells the story of a little boy who is trying to find his name and it is honestly a beautiful book, in design and content. Recently, Lost My Name approached me and asked if we would like to try their new book and I leapt at the chance!

Before I get into telling you all about the new book we were sent, I just want to take a second to tell you a little bit about the people behind these books as I love their story! Lost My Name was founded in 2012 by three Dads and an Uncle who wanted to created a personalised book that was bigger and better than any that had come before. They set up small and started to retail their books. People purchased them and word got round about the amazing book about a child that lost their name. They then appeared on (and won investment from) Dragons Den and that when was Hubby and I actually first saw the book. I said to hubby at that point that if we ever had children then they HAD to have that book! Fast forward a few years and Lost My Name is now going from strength to strength and winning awards left right and centre and now we get to try out their second book ''The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home''.

The first thing that I love about these books is the ease at which you can order them. The website is so easy to navigate around and super user friendly. With the book we ordered, all we had to do was type in our address, Bubbas name and then make sure that the satellite image was correct and it was done. You also get the option to add a personal message at the start of the book which I love as it is so nice to remember when you got the book and leave a little message for your little one in it.

A few days later and our book was here!! I was super excited and it really didn't disappoint and this leads me on to the second thing I love about these books...the quality. The paper quality, the print, the colours...everything about the book screams quality at me. Lost my name also don't scrimp on the amount of pages in the book. I think sometimes when you get a book like this it looks like there are loads of pages but actually the writing is just a huge font and I always feel a little short changed. That is not the case with this book. It took me a good 15 minutes to read the whole thing to Bubba and I think that is the perfect snuggle and story time length :)

Lastly I want to applauded the guys at Lost My Name for such a genius concept. The way that this story is written and the way that it incorporates your child into it is fantastic. To cut the story short, your little astronaut fly's through space encountering a whole host of weird and wonderful things during the adventure until he/she fly to earth and (this is may favourite bit) see their house from space and comes home. Lost My Name includes a satellite image over your home in the book and it is such a great addition. To me, it takes personalised stories to a new level.

Overall I would really recommend this book and their other story ''The Boy/Girl That Lost His/Her Name''. Priced at £19.99 and available direct at the Lost My Name website, I think these make a wonderful gift and addition to every child's storybook collection.

Note: we were sent this book in return for this review. All opinion and views are honest and my own.